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Stylish, secure and simple with its adaptability the Assure panel looks good no matter which way you look at it. Being as popular as it has over these last few years, there have been certainly been a lot more people looking at it recently.

Being able to turn the panel upside down is a big part of this panel’s appeal – and so too is the option to use Assure raking panels to meet the demands of the steep terrain. Residential placement often uses the panel with the studded side up, and the flat-top option makes it ideal for the school and childcare environment. Strong and robust delivering years of maintenance-free security you’ll find that no matter what way Assure goes, it’s always right side up.

Horizontals: 38x25mm
Verticals:19mm with 80mm gaps

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Assure - UFASS121.2m high fencing panel2400 × 1200 mm$199.00
Assure - UFASS151.5m high fencing panel2400 × 1500 mm$235.00
Assure - UFASS181.8m high fencing panel2400 × 1800 mm$305.00
Assure - UFASR121.2m high fencing panel Rakeable to 30 degrees2400 × 1200 mm$205.00
Assure - UFASR151.5m high fencing panel Rakeable to 30 degrees2400 × 1500 mm$255.00
Assure - UFASR181.8m high fencing panel Rakeable to 30 degrees2400 × 1800 mm$299.00


  • Choose the top to suit
  • Strong, robust construction
  • Lightweight, easy to install
  • Available 1200mm/1500mm/1750mm heights
  • Exclusively available as raking panel up to 30 degrees

Ideal for:

  • Residential and pool fencing
  • Balustrade/retaining wall compliant
  • Childcare/schools
  • Cycleways/civil fencing

Brackets not included

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