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With built-tough aluminium and easy-on-the-eye proportions our Premier panel looks the part and delivers the goods year after year

The large profile of this panel and robust structure makes it suitable for a variety of end uses, everything from retaining walls to swimming pools, cycleways to child’s play. Available as a raking panel so you can be assured it’s ideal for hilly terrain

Horizontals: 40x40mm
Verticals:19mm with 91mm gaps

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Premier - UFPRE101m high fencing panel2400 × 1000 mm$155.00
Premier - UFPRE121.2m high fencing panel2400 × 1200 mm$170.00
Premier - UFPRR101m high fencing panel. Raking to 22 degrees.2400 × 1000 mm$175.00
Premier - UFPRR121.2m high fencing panel. Raking to 22 degrees.2400 × 1200 mm$190.00


  • Hard to bend or dent rails
  • Balanced aethetic with bottom rail
  • Available as raking panel
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium
  • Exclusively available as raking panel up to 22 degrees

Ideal for:

  • Complies with pool fencing standards
  • Balustrade/retaining wall compliant
  • Childcare/parks
  • Cycleways/civil fencing

Brackets not included

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