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Our spiked top fence panels are the go-to fence for New Zealand businesses and highways

Built tough and made to last, the Secura fence provides a brilliant deterrent to would-be intruders. Combining a double rail for added strength, large, virtually indestructible vertical bars and additional spikes on the top, it’s got all the design features needed for a security fence and is available as a raking panel – which allows it to rake at an angle of 20 degrees. It’s well-designed for a great-looking installation, making it ideal for road frontages too. Sliding, cantilever and swing entry gates can also be made to match – ensuring seamless and secure boundary protection

Horizontals: 40x40mm
Verticals:25mm with 99mm gaps

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Secura - UFSEC181.8m high fencing panel2350 × 1800 mm$335.00
Secura - UFSEC212.1m high fencing panel2350 × 2100 mm$350.00
Secura - UFSECR181.8m high fencing panel. Raking to 20 degrees.2350 × 1800 mm$360.00
Secura - UFSECR212.1m high fencing panel. Raking to 20 degrees.2350 × 2100 mm$390.00


  • Welded, powder-coated aluminium construction
  • Double rail for added strength
  • Spiked-top to deter unwanted hand-holds
  • Available as a raking panel up 20 degrees

Ideal for:

  • Industrial fencing
  • Commercial security fencing
  • Road frontages
  • Retail

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